Trimming & Pruning

Regularly scheduled pruning and trimming benefits tree health and proper growth. It can also help prevent safety risks caused by trees that are dense, distorted, or weighed down by dead branches. We encourage our clients to have proper tree pruning every several years. However, our clients should always avoid pruning their trees as this can be a dangerous task without training. As an insured company, Boss Tree Service encourages its employees to safely trim trees to help them become healthy and attractive again to the clients.

  1. We help remove any dead, sickly, flimsy, or damaged branches that are not fruitful to the tree.
  2. If there is trouble in clearance, we assist the tree and client by raising the tree branches.
  3. We also help clean around the top of the tree to help increase light and airflow.

Pruning vs. Trimming

People can get confused between the terms pruning and trimming. They tend to use these terms to mean the same thing. However, a person who removes wrecked, detached, or spoiled branches or stems from their tree is considered pruning. On the contrary, trimming occurs when they cut back dense tree growth. Here we can see the benefits of pruning and trim work.

Pest Management

Pests and insects become manageable when people prune and trim their outdoor trees and shrubs. Although insects may not destroy shrubbery, they can weaken the shrub’s ability to thrive through disease. If homeowners have trees too close to their house, unwanted guests can travel their way into their homes, causing problems for homeowners.

Proper Growth

To encourage proper tree or shrubbery growth, they need to be maintained. When pruning and trimming shrubs, they help improve health and provide strength. Throughout the year, trees and shrubs require specific maintenance at different times. Monitoring the landscape is extremely important as it helps maintain any necessary actions. Regarding the structure, pruning a young tree or shrub will benefit the plant as time progresses. By pruning ahead of time, tree owners will not have to worry about corrective pruning. It can also help with productive health within the tree. Trees and shrubs will lose shape and become weak if not trimmed correctly.

The last thing we want our clients to deal with is tree issues. When continually pruning and trimming shrubs and trees, our clients can rest assured knowing they will reap the benefits.


Property protection is a must in trimming and pruning our client’s trees and shrubs. If branches near homes are dead or diseased, they create a hazard. Tree branches moved by harsh winds or falling branches can destroy a home’s siding. Young trees, shrubs, or climbing plants can even pull the siding away. Vines and other climbing plants can crack bricks and mortar if not trimmed. Not only so, but family members may even be in danger from falling branches. Proper pruning is essential to loved ones and for property safety. Because of these things, here at Boss Tree Services are here to help protect you and your family.