To determine whether to remove a tree, we follow these reliable steps throughout the process. This process protects the client’s possessions, property, and employees.

  • One of the most prominent things we consider is clearing the area. We want to make sure there is enough room around the tree area to prevent damage to the client’s possessions and property. Before we even begin to remove the tree, we desire to estimate the tree’s height and clear whatever may be in the area of the tree.
  • Before removing the tree, we examine where the tree leans as this could be the direction in which the tree may fall. However, if we notice any rotting, we will consider that the decay could cause the tree to fall in its direction. 
  • We want to encourage the clients of our backup plans in case challenges may arise during the tree removal process. If we notice any challenges, we will make a clear path to run in the direction of those challenges. We make sure to prepare ourselves for whatever challenges may arise.