Gervery Ramirez

My name is Gervery Ramirez. I am married to my wife, Marina, the woman of my dreams. We do not have any kids right now, but I hope to add a family dog to the family soon. My dad, sister, and I live here, working to save enough money to visit my mother, my additional three sisters, and little brother, who still lives in Guatemala. My wife’s family is from Mexico, and we hope to visit them along the way. I have lived in the states for over nine years, and while it is an adventure and a difficult journey, we are still together.

How did you come across becoming an arborist?

I have been working in tree services all my life. I started when I was a little boy helping my dad in Guatemala to provide for our family of 8. My father started doing tree business when he was just 15 years old and decided to pass it on to me. He is now 40 years old and is continuing to work in the tree business to help support the family. 

What do you hope to accomplish in this career?

As mentioned previously about my family who lives in Guatemala, I hope to save enough funds to visit them. Not only have we not seen them for nine years but trying to raise a family here has been a journey in itself. In my mid-twenties, I am doing everything to help accomplish my dreams of visiting my family. But not only that, I want to help other families who may not have the ability to achieve their goals. With this profession, I can help accomplish this by providing my assistance in helping others through Boss Tree Services.