Boss Tree Service Tree Removal in Auburn Alabama

Here at Boss Tree Service, we desire to help our customers and provide them with the best service. Our job consists of trimming, pruning, tree clean-up and tree removals in Auburn, Alabama. We want to make sure that each customer receives the best service and will do the best we can to make sure that we uphold those values.

Tree Removal

To determine whether to remove a tree, we follow these reliable steps throughout the process. This process protects the client’s possessions, property, and employees.

  • One of the most prominent things we consider is clearing the area. We want to make sure there is enough room around the tree area to prevent damage to the client’s possessions and property. Before we even begin to remove the tree, we desire to estimate the tree’s height and clear whatever may be in the area of the tree.
  • Before removing the tree, we examine where the tree leans as this could be the direction in which the tree may fall. However, if we notice any rotting, we will consider that the decay could cause the tree to fall in its direction. 
  • We want to encourage the clients of our backup plans in case challenges may arise during the tree removal process. If we notice any challenges, we will make a clear path to run in the direction of those challenges. We make sure to prepare ourselves for whatever challenges may arise.

Trimming & Pruning

Regularly scheduled pruning and trimming benefits tree health and proper growth. It can also help prevent safety risks caused by trees that are dense, distorted, or weighed down by dead branches. We encourage our clients to have proper tree pruning every several years. However, our clients should always avoid pruning their trees as this can be a dangerous task without training. As an insured company, Boss Tree Service encourages its employees to safely trim trees to help them become healthy and attractive again to the clients.

  • We help remove any dead, sickly, flimsy, or damaged branches that are not fruitful to the tree.
  • If there is trouble in clearance, we assist the tree and client by raising the tree branches.
  • We also help clean around the top of the tree to help increase light and airflow.

Cleaning Debris

If you face piles of unnecessary branches and cannot clear the debris, we are here to help. Every day, homes face unwanted branches and debris caused by storms or heavy winds. We promise our clients will be satisfied with Boss Tree Service cleaning the client’s unwanted tree branches and debris.

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Gervery Ramirez provides every customer with the best service. He makes sure they understand the estimate and other aspects of the job which the client may need to know.

If you have any concerns, please call Gervery at (334) 400-9741 or follow us on Facebook.

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We provide a free estimate of the job to ensure every client receives a fair and rough calculation of the value of the job so we, as a company, can make sure the client is pleased with the work.

We want our clients to know we are licensed and insured to work in any condition, other tree companies may be unable to work.